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Pitoresk Shoe Care
- Pitoresk shoes are made from all natural real leather, which is organic, the same as our own skin. 

Your Pitoresk shoes need care and rest, just like your skin.
We recommend you do not wear the same shoes two consecutive days.
Your shoes need rest too. 

- After wearing your shoes an entire day, we recommend you place an insert inside, which will keep your shoes in proper shape.
The inserts we recommend are molds made of newsprint or cedar wood.
The reason for using cedar wood or newsprint is that your feet absorb the moisture left behind in your shoes. 
- Real leather is water permeable, so we don't recommend you  wear your shoes in rainy weather. 
- We recommend you dry your wet shoes under natural conditions (room temperature).
- Real leather may leave some natural color traces on your feet, it's completely natural.


To Clean Suede  
We recommend cleaning your shoes with a shoe brush. You can also use the cleaning and care solutions recommended for real suede, by your shoemaker.


To Clean Leather

We recommend you wipe your leather shoes with a damp cloth after using a shoe brush.

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